BLACKDILE is your gateway to the thriving Portuguese hospitality market. We specialize in providing investment opportunities that open doors to a world of possibilities. From the spiritual allure of Braga to the vibrant charm of Porto, the enchanting Douro Valley, the bustling heart of Lisbon, the sun-kissed Algarve, and the tranquil rural escapes. Portugal offers a diverse range of tourism opportunities.

DISCOVER PORTUGAL THROUGH INVESTMENT – Portugal’s tourism industry is a flourishing treasure trove, offering an array of experiences for travelers from around the globe. Whether it’s exploring Braga’s rich Catholic heritage, indulging in the dynamic culture of Porto, or basking in the sun-soaked beauty of the Algarve, Portugal has it all. Our investments in hotels and aparthotels give you a unique opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey.

A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES – Our investment opportunities extend across main tourism destinations in Portugal, allowing you to tap into the thriving hospitality sector. From charming boutique hotels in the heart of Lisbon to luxurious aparthotel nestled in the rural landscapes, we present a diverse portfolio to match your investment goals.

Hotels & Aparthotels Investments


  • Presently Operational
  • Greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Yield starting at 6%
  • Tailored Reques

Invest in the heart of Portugal’s tourism industry and reap the rewards of a country that beckons travelers with its warmth, culture, and natural beauty. Join us at Hotels & Aparthotels Investments and discover the endless possibilities that await you in this vibrant market. Your gateway to Portugal’s hospitality sector starts here.

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