BLACKDILE is your gateway to the thriving Portuguese market. We specialize in providing investment opportunities that come with a proven track record, and we have the expertise to guide you to the perfect investment locations.  

Why Choose Senior Residences Investments?
  • Proven Success – Our investments are backed by a track record of consistent results. When you invest with us, you’re investing in a proven formula for success.
  • Ideal Locations – We understand that location is crucial to your investment’s success. Our team excels at identifying and presenting ideal locations that offer promising returns.
  • Urgent Need in Portugal – Portugal is facing an urgent need for senior residences due to the growing senior population. This demand is not a short-term trend but a long-term, constant need. By investing with us, you contribute to addressing this pressing issue while securing your financial future.
Senior Residences


  • Presently Operational
  • Greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Residential Structure for Elderly People
  • Long-term Integrated Care
  • Yield starting at 6%
  • Tailored request

Invest in the future of senior living in Portugal with Senior Residences Investments. Join us in making a difference while enjoying the benefits of a sound investment strategy.

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