BLACKDILE is your gateway to the thriving Portuguese market for student housing. We specialize in providing investment opportunities backed by a proven track record and we excel at identifying prime locations for your investments.

Why Choose Student Residences Investments?

  • Proven Success – We offer investments with a proven history of delivering results. When you invest with us, you are choosing a path to financial success.
  • Ideal Locations –¬† Location matters when it comes to student housing investments. Our team is skilled at identifying and presenting ideal locations that promise excellent returns.
  • The Portuguese Market Overview – The Portuguese market presents a unique opportunity for student housing investments. There is a significant scarcity of quality student housing options, and prices are often unaffordable for students. This market gap translates into a compelling investment opportunity for you.
Student Housing


  • Presently Operational
  • Greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Yield starting at 6%
  •  Tailored request

Invest in the Future of Student Living in Portugal with Student Residences Investments. Join us in addressing the pressing need for affordable and quality student housing while securing your financial future.

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